Decentralized high-security pool exchange and
chain enabling asymmetric exchanges
for Ethereum-based assets

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Gain Security Pool

One of the biggest problems encountered in the world of crypto money is the destruction of assets as a result of an incorrect address when transferring coins. We have overcome this problem thanks to the “gain security pool” we developed. If you enter a letter / number of the address you will send to, less or more, the amount you send will be transferred directly to the GSP.

Customer and Business Protection

This is the result of a traditional method adapted to the crypto money system. To put it simply, when a person purchases a product through a virtual store, the payment does not take place until the transfer is complete. GAIN receives the tracking code created in the first shopping and the payment made to its own network. If the transaction is completed, interest is charged within the 3-day period when the money is in the pool. Money is evaluated in the GAIN ECOSYSTEM. The income thus obtained (by lending or staking) is deposited into the customer’s account as a shopping bonus.


With proof of stake coins if you want to “mine” or produce more blocks, you first need to invest like in Bitcoin. But, instead of investing in specialized computers and electricity, you need to invest in the POS cryptocurrency itself.

Once you have bought the cryptocurrency to attack the system, your invested and it becomes more profitable to participate and be honest instead of attack. POS miners (stakers) get rewarded like Bitcoin miners do with new coins and transaction fees

Token Info & Distribution

Token Name:
Token Type:
Token Contract Address:
Total Token Supply:
Token Price for Early Sale:

Token Name: GAIN CHAIN
Ticker: GAIN
Token Type: ERC-20 (Ethereum Based)
Token Contract Address: 0x275680E6F67caaf5b2d34B1c1630BDD600c2AD37
Decimals: 8
Total Token Supply: 850,000 (850 thousand)
Token Price for Early Sale: 1 GAIN = 1 $ (US Dollar)

ERC-20 (Ethereum-Based)
850,000 (850 thousand)
1 GAIN = 1$ (US Dollar)

Early Sale

We reserved a large share for our early sale.
This way, GAIN CHAIN will create its own community and investors before being listed on exchanges.

Investors participating in our early sale will add significant momentum to the project and help us provide liquidity for GAIN CHAIN.

In this way, we will create an opportunity for the people involved in our early sales to increase their assets.

1 GAIN = 1 $ (US Dollar)

MIN PURCHASE = 100 $ (US Dollar)

MAX PURCHASE = 5000 $ (US Dollar)

Warning: Only Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) payments are accepted by us.

Timeline Bonus

Bonus rewards are active for a limited time only for our elite members who join the earning chain early. There will never be a bonus early-sale after Round 3 ends. These offers are valid for a limited time and there will be absolutely no repeat/extra time.

%100 Bonus
Round 1

18 February - 28 February

1 GAIN = 1 $

%50 Bonus
Round 2

1 March - 15 March

1 GAIN = 1 $

%25 Bonus
Round 3

16 March - 31 March

1 GAIN = 1 $

Frequently Asked Questions

GAIN CHAIN is a decentralized high security pool and chain that provides asymmetric swaps for Ethereum-based assets.

Updates and relevant news will be regularly posted to the GAIN CHAIN social media channels.

Once the ICO fundraising is complete, GAIN can be sold through selected exchanges.

GAIN CHAIN customer data is completely secure, and your information is held confidentially. We use a standard ERC20 token on the Ethereum network, which uses military grade cryptography to address security concerns.

GAIN CHAIN will be available from our website during our early sale and ICO. Once the ICO has completed, GAIN CHAIN will be available to purchase on selected exchanges. GAIN Management will inform investors of which exchanges will be selected for GAIN CHAIN trading.

We do not find it right to give an exact price. However, GAIN CHAIN will run to expensive from the day it is listed, thanks to its superior technical features and agreements with quality exchanges.

We developed a strategy based on aggregate supply so that GAIN does not fall below the early-sale price. First of all, in case the 255,000 GAIN we reserved for early-sale is not sold completely. All unsold tokens will be destroyed for not being released. Thus, a balance will be struck as a percentage between early-sale and total supply. In early-sale, the price of 1 GAIN is $1. Thanks to this system, GAIN will definitely not fall below $1.

The total supply of GAIN CHAIN is 850.000K Compared to other ICO examples, its supply is very low. Low supply is always a criterion for the token’s valuation. For example, if the amount of cryptocurrencies produced in other ICO examples is about 10 Billion (total supply) 500 million cryptocurrencies are sold in pre-sale, if you divide the collected money by the total supply, the real value of the money will be the result. This causes the token to lose its value significantly, even fall below its market price in early-sale. GAIN CHAIN’s total supply is extremely convenient and limited compared to the services it offers. In this way, it will have created many opportunities for its investors. Also, if a sale is made less than the amount of GAIN reserved for early-sale, all of the increased GAINs will be destroyed and deducted from the total supply.

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